Fortnite party supplies and accessories and costumes



Fortnite has changed the Decorating and Entertaing game with Battle Royal

Before everyone wanted to be a cowboy or girl or play cops and robbers.  Well intodays video game and virtual reality youth we want colors, blodness and flashy and NOW.  FORTNITE has surpassed expectation and now every child wants a FORTNITE party.....well also adults!

Why not? it blurs the line of Cos-Play with Skeleton costumes and tomb raider style fanatasy costumes for girls.  You can even be a pink bunny if you are into that sort of thing.  Battle Royal the party supplies tops everything off with a line of supplies sure to not give the already exciting party more energy.

My favorite p[riece from the ever growing line are the party streamers, but I like party streamers in almost any line because they make a cool conversation starter.

Check out the full line and let us know what your favorite FORTNITE character and party decoration is.