Creating a Frozen 2 Princess Party

Feb 15th 2014

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Give your little Princess the Frozen Birthday Party of her dreams! A Disney Frozen 2 will be a timeless classic and with these amazing ideas it will be easier than dancing in the snow!

Invitations: Use parchment paper or any paper with an aged appearance and cut to a rectangular shape of approximately 7 x 9 inches. You can age regular computer paper by using a teabag. Have all your invitation details printed out in a royal script and cut to size. With a teabag and cup of warm water simply wet the bag and gently dab it all over the paper. Not to much water as the ink may run! Set aside to dry. The method is up to you - have a practice round first. Then you can lightly burn edges to give an older appearance. Once dry, roll up the invitation. After a few rolls throw in a small amount glitter towards the middle and continue rolling. Tie with a ribbon and seal with a sticker if desired. You can use a script like this - "Here Ye, Here Ye", "Her Royal Highness, Princess requests your presence at a royal ball given in honor of her birthday."

Decorations: Create a Winter Wonderland! Turquoise, white and silver everything and don't forget the Frozen tableware and supplies to really set the theme! Give your home the Frozen touch by making several paper snowflakes made with Frozen theme colors. Decorate your walls and hang the snow flakes from the ceiling with fishing line. To make snowflakes, you cut paper into circles, then fold in half, quarters and eighths. Cut shapes out from along the edges. When you open it up you'll have a unique snowflake! Pull out all your silver and blue Christmas decorations, icicles and lights. Christmas balls look fantastic in a clear vase with some white twigs as a centerpiece and who doesn't love white twinkling lights! Just use your imagination and have fun! Use helium balloons on the mailbox, in doorways, on chairs, as centerpieces, on vases, floating freely and pretty much anywhere you can tie a balloon. The table setting must be worthy of a Royal Princess! Start with a light blue table-cover and spread white or opalescent sparkles or gems on the table to look like diamonds. Use a centerpiece of white roses (fake or real) in a clear vase filled with sparkly gems or beads. Finish off by tying a pink or lavender tulle fabric bow onto each chair. Decorate the Birthday Princesses chair as her royal thrown. Cover her chair with tulle, and attach flowers, gems and balloons all over.

Activities: Enchanted Makeover - You can transform a playroom or your daughters bedroom into a Princess Salon. Have in your Salon an assortment of wigs, hair bow, clips combs and glitter spray to decorate each others hair. In the makeup area, set a table with eye shadow, lip-gloss, nail stickers and body & face glitter. Have each girl do each others makeup in beautiful princess style. If this is for a younger group a few extra hands will be needed. Have plenty of chairs and mirrors available so the little ones can admire their new look. If you have any little princes coming, be sure to have some paper crowns available and a little activity like building snowmen out of play-dough or clay while the princesses are primping.

Crafts: Make you very own Princess Hat using plain cone party hats in pastel colors. Using pink and purple tulle or ribbons, simply push through the top point of the hat 12 inch pieces of the ribbon with a handy item like a knitting needle. Pull all the way through and tie off on the inside of the cone hat. Around the bottom glue colored lace, fur, ribbon or pom poms. Make your very own Princess Wand with wooden steak skewers or wood dowels for the handle. Prepare star shapes out of any thick paper or craft foam. White, blue or silver color's are perfect! Using wood glue or hot glue, have the kids glue on a star to the tip of the wooden skewer, and then glue another one, to the back of the first star, so that the wooden skewer isn't seen. Once the glue is dry, having the kids decorate it by covering the star with a thin layer of glue and sprinkle different color fairy dust (glitter) over their wands to make them truly magical.

Games: In keeping with the Frozen Winter Wonderland theme use lots of snow! Maybe not actual snow but cotton balls make an excellent substitution for eggs in a game of egg toss and Styrofoam balls make a great potato in a game of "hot potato". You could even play a round of pin the carrot nose on Olaf! Mix things up by incorporating other princess themes into your games. The Frog Prince - The players must try to plant a kiss on the frogs lips using their very own lips and a tube of red lipstick! You can draw a frog freehand or enlarge and print one off the internet - as large as possible. Line the girls up, blindfold them, apply a thin layer of lipstick, spin them around 3 times and see who can plant a kiss closest to the Frog's kisser! Princess and The Pea - Pull out four small throw pillows and a small bouncy ball. Ask the first player to turn around while you hide the ball under one of the pillows. The player sits on each of the pillows and tries to guess under which pillow the ball is hidden. Repeat. Snow White's Mirror - The first player is taken to a chair about 6 ft in front of everyone with her back facing the guests. She looks into a hand mirror, closes her eyes and says "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" One of the guests in the group disguises her voice and says "You are." The player opens her eyes, looks into the mirror and tries to guess the voice. If she gets it correct, she remains princess. If she doesn't, the girl that disguised her voice becomes princess.

Enchanted Edibles: Sandwiches cut into shape with a snowflake, stars or heart shaped cookie cutter. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese topped with a layer of strawberry jam and then cut. Sprinkle with iridescent edible sparkles or sugar crystals. Offer a selection of jams - peach is also very yummy! A healthy addition is to have an assortment of vegetables and fresh fruit with dips served on fancy silver dinnerware. Princess Punch - Before the party, freeze a blue juice in ice cube trays. On party day serve any clear soda with the blue cubes topped with frozen blueberries. Serve out of fancy goblets or plastic wine glasses. The cake can be a round or heart shaped cake. Frost it with blue icing and place a fancy silver tiara (plastic) in the middle. Top the cake off with a good sprinkling of sugar crystals to give it a sparkly and glowing effect.